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At least once you call an uncostly taxi by phone numbers:
348 (Callback)
or order online through - and you will realize that “Avangard” taxi is the leader in Odessa. A serious policy demanding high quality of our services and operational excellence – that is what helped to prove ourselves as a reliable supplier of transport services.

“Avangard” Taxi is:
• experience of work in the market of services since 2005;
• a modern multi-channel Call Center with an intelligent telephone calls distribution and a monitoring system for staff performance;
• English-speaking operators in the dispatch service;
• cars of different comfort levels;
• GPS - navigation on the company's cars;
• more than 300 foreign cars in the company’s fleet of taxis;
• more than 50 corporate clients;
• own dispatch center capable to process more than 1 thousand orders per day;
• staff development and training center, line control service.

What additional services does “Avangard” taxi offer in Odessa?
1. Online order. A convenient option that enbles you to call a car just by a few touches on a display. You can place an order in this form!
2. “Driver” service. An experienced driver will take you and your car to the specified place at any time of the day or night. A good solution if you don’t feel like leaving the car unattended.
3. Courier delivery. In cases when there is no time to go to another part of the city, but you need to urgently deliver the parcel, gift, documents, etc. just hand in the necessary thing to the taxi driver and notify the recipient how it can be picked up.
4. Meeting at the airport. This service will be a great solution for you or your guests. If you specify the flight number, the driver will be able to monitor your landing and will meet you in the arrival hall of the Odessa terminal with a sign.
5. Technical assistance. If the accumulator has got discharged or some other technical problems have occurred, the “Avangard” 348 will quickly come to the rescue.
6. Auto with air conditioner.
7. Pets transportation.
8. Cars for servicing of celebrations or business trips.
9. Child safety seat.

Updated information about taxi: 19.05.2019

Avangard - taxi Avangard Odessa

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