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Since November 2008, the site provides Internet users with current information about taxi services of Odessa, the rates for taxi services and additional services provided by taxi in Odessa.The target audience of the site - its visitors: the residents and guests of Odessa, ordering a taxi.

more than 75 visitors a day visit the site
more than 170 pages every day browsing on this site
more than 2 200 visitors per month visit the site

Statistics is in Google Analytics.

Contact phone sales: (044) 536-00-66

For taxi services who want to get maximum efficiency from the placement on the we offer priority placement, which will attract the greatest number ofprospective clients, compared with a simple, free accommodation.

Package "Priority taxi"


•   Placing information on the home page


- the name of the taxi;
- contact numbers (up to 4 numbers);
- a reference to the personal page of a taxi;
- a reference to the site address (optional).

•  Placing information on the first page of the catalog «Taxi services of Odessa»:


- the name of the taxi;
- contact numbers (up to 4 numbers);
- a reference to the personal page of a taxi;
- selection of information in a different color.

• Placing information in the block, "We recommend" to the personal pages of taxi services offered free of charge:

- the name of the taxi;
- contact numbers (up to 2 numbers);
- a reference to the personal page of a taxi.

     Home page   

Catalogue page

Block "We recommend"

* Cost of accommodation: 700 hryvnia / 2 months
                                   1800 hryvnia/6 months (15% discount)
                                   3200 hryvnia / 12 months (25% discount)


* All prices include VAT. There are barter relationships.

Information about taxi services located in the package "Priority taxi" - is displayed on all platforms even number of times.



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